All-On-6 Dental Implant Clinics in East Delhi

//All-On-6 Dental Implant Clinics in East Delhi

All-On-6 Dental Implant Clinics in East Delhi

Dr. Goswami’s Full Mouth Dental Implants Specialist Dentist Dental clinic in Delhi India, offers Full mouth rehabilitation & reconstruction with Immediate Loading – Immediate Function all-on-4-6-8 dental Implant systems – Same Day Implants – Same Day Teeth…. with a lot of different prosthetic options like – Porcelain crowns on your implants, Zirconia crowns on your implants, Hybrid fixed denture teeth fixed on to your dental implants, at very affordable low cost best price in India & Asia pacific region.


Why Choose Delhi Dental Center for your All-on-6 Dental Implant Treatment  ?



  • Practice – We are practicing at the same place since last 30 yrs, Same Dentist, Same Team, Same place……


  • Dentist Team – We husband & wife work together at our clinic with a team approach – we are well certified Dentist to do all major Dental Procedures…


  • Technology — we have all the latest machines and equipment’s at our clinic and always procure new materials to provide you world class high treatment                                              standards….



  • Widest range of Dental Implants – We have the widest Dental implant range with us in India….. We have Conventional Dental Implant systems, Immediate loading implant systems, Keyhole Implants, Basal Implants, pterygoid Implants, Zygomatic Dental Implants with us. Thus we are able to treat a lot many cases of different bone conditions.


  • Proper Treatment Planning – We don’t work on short cut procedures while planning your treatment. We will advise complete diagnostic tests (x-rays, digital photos if required, impression of your teeth etc) at the time of your consultation when the treatment is indicated. There is no substitute for having all the diagnostic information. A lack of information can lead to improper treatment.


  • Sterilization – We maintain strict sterilisation protocol so that their will not be any chance of infection or secondary infection after the surgery procedures….


  • Neat and tidy atmosphere with elegant furnishings, state of the art equipment and All dental facilities under one roof, including a comprehensive laboratory and X-Ray setup, so that patient does not have to run around to different clinics.





Please feel Free to ask us any further questions about all-on-6 Dental Implant treatment or for a Free Implant Consultation….



Dr. Goswami – the Delhi Dentist – owner of Specialist All-on-6 Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment Clinic in East Delhi, welcome people to have a detailed consultation for their missing teeth conditions and their reconstruction & rehabilitation with All-on-6 treatment procedure for themselves…



Same team — Affordable cost — Same location since last 18 yrs. (est. 2000).

That’s the real beauty of having Dental Implants Treatment from Delhi Dental Center.



Feel free to ask us for a free consultation


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